August 2023 CLE Top 1 with an average score of 90.15%

October 2022 LET Top 10 with an average score of 92.60%


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š‘šŒšŒš‚-šŒšˆ š’šˆš‹š„šš“ šƒš‘šˆš‹š‹š„š‘š’ šš€š† šŸš’š“ š‘š”ššš„š‘-š”š šˆš šŠš€š‹šˆšŒš”šƒš€š š…š€šš‚š˜ šƒš‘šˆš‹š‹ š‚šŽšŒšš„š“šˆš“šˆšŽš

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š‘šŒšŒš‚-šŒšˆ š’šžš§š¢šØš« š‡š¢š š” š’šœš”šØšØš„ š’š­š®ššžš§š­ š’šžšœš®š«šžš¬ š“šØš© š’š©šØš­ š¢š§ šš«šØšÆš¢š§šœš¢ššš„ š„š¬š¬ššš² š‚šØš¦š©šžš­š¢š­š¢šØš§

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š‘šŒšŒš‚-šŒšˆ š’šžš§š¢šØš« š‡š¢š š” š’šœš”šØšØš„ š€š«š­š¢š¬š­ š†š«ššš›š¬ š’šžšœšØš§š šš„šššœšž š¢š§ šš’š€ ššØš¬š­šžš«-šŒššš¤š¢š§š  š‚šØš§š­šžš¬š­

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š‰ššš„ššš ššš­ ššš­š­šžš§šš¬ šØššš­š”š­ššš¤š¢š§š  šœšžš«šžš¦šØš§š² šŸšØš« š§šžš° šœš«š¢š¦š¢š§šØš„šØš š¢š¬š­š¬; š‘šŒšŒš‚-šŒšˆ š«šžšœšžš¢šÆšžš¬ š«šžšœšØš š§š¢š­š¢šØš§

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š€ š š«ššš§š šØšœšœššš¬š¢šØš§ š¦ššš«š¤šžš š›š² šššœš”š¢šžšÆšžš¦šžš§š­ ššš§š šžš±šœšžš„š„šžš§šœšž, š‘šŒšŒš‚-šŒšˆ š©š«šØšÆšžš šš š«šžš¦ššš«š¤ššš›š„šž š¬š®šœšœšžš¬š¬ š¢š§ š­š”šž šš«šØšÆš¢š§šœš¢ššš„ šš”š¢š„š¢š©š©š¢š§šž š’š­ššš­š¢š¬š­š¢šœš¬ šš®š¢š³

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š‚šØš§š¬š®š„ š†šžš§šžš«ššš„ šØšŸ šˆš§ššØš§šžš¬š¢šš šÆš¢š¬š¢š­š¬ š‚š‡š„šƒš‘šŽ š—šˆšˆ, š‘šŒšŒš‚-šŒšˆ

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President's Corner
Our Mision/Vision
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Ma. Andrea Patricia M. Millado, MBA, MA, MPMA

College President


RMMC-MI's by word is 'home of the best'. With this, the institution aspires to provide suitable facilities to make sure students are given nothing but the best service to excel in their respective paths. Putting great emphasis on quality education that will shape the students to become intelligent and informed citizens of society is a goal that adheres greatly to the views of the institution's namesake. RMMC-MI stands firm on the belief that quality education nurtures and shapes not only the minds but also the hearts of its constituents.

Adapting and adjusting to the changes brought about by the new normal has been one of the highlights of this academic year. Our students have learned how to reintegrate their selves and showcase their talents through different in-person activities such as the Abre Klase and Hinampang, to name a few. Our institution's magazine attests to these activities and works brought about by the perseverance and talents of the students and staff alike.

And so, I would like to sincerely thank the parents and stakeholders for their continued support and belief in all of RMMC-MI's endeavors. Your trust will surely lead our students to hurdle through the challenges of the present and the future that is to come armed with optimism, empathy, and responsibility to become the best in the 'home of the best'.


RMMC-MI shall set a quality instruction, research and extension, abd effective resource management.


RMMC-MI is a premier learner-centered institution committed to quality standard and innovative development.